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 Property Of Zack- James talks about No Gods track by track

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Fallen On Deaf Ears
It All Relates
It All Relates
Fallen On Deaf Ears

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PostSubject: Property Of Zack- James talks about No Gods track by track   Sat Mar 31, 2012 6:37 am

Sharks released their fantastic debut, No Gods, just a week or two ago via our friends at Rise Records. The band was kind enough to write-up a Track-By-Track guide to the album for fans. Check it out below!

‘Til The Wonders Rise
Andy originally had written the opening riff to use for a song in our hardcore punk side project. But we needed a ripper to start the album so we used it. We’d envisioned this opening the record as soon as we started it so crammed as much good stuff in there as possible.

Arcane Effigies
I have an attachment to Coventry having been born there and to have lived there. I adore The Specials who lived and breathed Cov into their music. The ‘Rudy’ chorus is a nod to them. I think I was trying to get across what it’s like to live in the midlands in the same vein they did. However that may or may not come across, it’s still the most fun to play live.

Able Moving Hearts
This is an old one that really came through in the recording. I think it was worth waiting until we had the possibility to get the perfect guitar tones. This is the most personal song on the record and I hate it when people ask me about it.

On A Clear Day You Can See Yourself
I hope people get the satire in this one. I love this, but it’s hard to sing with my tongue constantly in cheek. It’s about waiting for something to happen and the fine line between wasting one’s time and biding one’s time. I stole the title from the Barbra Streisand movie, “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever”.

Matthew’s Baby
This is the oldest song that made the record; it pre-dates The Joys of Living, even. It’s funny how it came about making the final result and I never expected it too, but I love it now and see it as a new song again. The title is an inside joke that we find incredibly amusing, and just won’t be funny if we gave it away.

Patient Spider
No one quite knew how this was going to sound and it was honestly a miracle that it turned out to be one of the best tracks. Everyone was really dubious that the vision would’ve ever been done justice but we worked hard on it and it turned out great. Our friend Tom from Hostage Calm played trumpet on this. He could barely play. We gave him a microphone and a metronome and some brotherly encouragement. He got there in the end.

Turn To You
Our first waltz ballad. I like the 50’s love song vibe to this, I think we were just testing the water with this and letting people know that there’s another side to us that we may be willing to explore more one day. It just keeps it fresh and exciting for us more than anything, playing with different styles of music and making it our own.

Dawn Soft Light
We’re really big Jets To Brazil fans and so is Brian McTernan. With the nature of the structure and the elaborate sounds and stuff, we were pleased to be translating some of that influence into song. We messed with quite a few sounds, making this more of a ‘studio’ track rather than a live one.

What Entails?
“What Entails?”; the eternal question. A lot of this record is about life and questioning it rather than offering anything specific. Some people will think deeply and bleakly about everything all the time. In this song at least, I’m one of those. The song is so poppy though that who fucking cares?

This self-deprecating little ditty might be my personal favourite. It sounds a lot different to the demo, and I was stressing over the changes we were making to it in the studio because I came up with the music for it, which is rare. It all started with the one lyric at the end and it all worked itself out from that. Usually the case with songs.

No Gods
We’re the proudest with this song; it’s our baby. We’ve been playing with it for years, and for ages it was this really loose jam, with just a load of different vocal and guitar melodies swapping over around the drum and bass loop. We wrote it in 2008, and right then decided it will finish the debut album as well as name it.

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It All Relates
It All Relates

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PostSubject: Re: Property Of Zack- James talks about No Gods track by track   Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:32 am

hardcore punk side project? I need to hear that.
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Jagveer ///
It All Relates
It All Relates
Jagveer ///

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PostSubject: Re: Property Of Zack- James talks about No Gods track by track   Sun Apr 01, 2012 3:56 pm

tomlobban wrote:
hardcore punk side project? I need to hear that.

Yeah sounds interesting! Might just be a little idea they've forgotten about though
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PostSubject: Re: Property Of Zack- James talks about No Gods track by track   

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Property Of Zack- James talks about No Gods track by track
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